How to Trade

Tradesports Markets

Tradesports markets are simple propositions that have a YES or NO outcome. For example:
All of these propositions will have a YES or NO outcome, which determines how the market will be settled:
All trading happens at prices between these two price points – until the outcome is known and the market is settled.

Buy or Sell?

There are two things you can do with a Tradesports proposition – buy shares, or sell shares:
You maximise your profit by buying or short selling shares and then holding them until the desired market settlement. You can also trade out before the market settles to take an early profit or minimize a loss.
Short Selling:
You don't need to own shares before selling them to a buyer. This is known as short selling and is explained further HERE.

Some Examples:

Let's use the following proposition to explain further: Giants at Redskins - Giants to win by more than 3.5 points.

Before the game starts:
If the Giants win by more than 3.5 points and the market settles at $100:
If the Giants do not win by more than 3.5 points (i.e. they lose or win by less than 3.5) and the market settles at $0:
As mentioned earlier, you can also trade in and out of the market before the final outcome is known. For example:
If you are short selling shares, then you want to sell them at a high price and then hope to buy back later at a lower price:

(Trader D has essentially bought low and sold high to make a profit – but did this in reverse: selling high first, then buying back for a lower price)


Market Data & PRICES

Here you see the propositions listed for the event, along with the following information:

Click on a proposition to select it for trading and it will turn dark blue to indicate that it's selected.



The order book shows you all of the unmatched orders to buy and sell shares:



This is where you enter your orders to buy and sell shares. Enter the number of shares you want to trade, and the price at which you want to trade - then hit the BUY or SELL button.

Your order will then be sent to the market. If it can be matched (in full or partially) with an existing open order, a trade will happen and a position will be established. If it cannot be matched, your order will sit open in the market (and listed on the Order Book) until it gets matched at a later time.


The My Trading panel is where you monitor all of your trading activity for the selected market. It has a number of tabs:


This tab shows all of your current trading positions. The following information is shown:



This tab lists all of the open orders to buy or sell shares that you currently have live in the market. The following information is shown:

You also have the option to cancel your Open Orders by hovering over an open order and clicking the X icon. Or you can cancel all of your Open Orders using the CANCEL ALL button at the top of the tab.


Frozen Funds:

This tab shows how much is frozen to cover the maximum potential loss for all positions and open orders. It shows the following information:


My Trades:

This tab shows a log of all trades made during the contest, plus any profit or loss associated with that trade. You also have the option to download a CSV file of your trades.



This shows you the funds you have for the current contest:

Any Realized P/L accumulated during trading will be applied directly to your Available Funds and can be used immediately for further trading. Unrealized P/L is not added to your funds however - not until you make an actual trade and turn the Unrealized P/L into (actual) Realized P/L.

For more information about how Tradesports works, please check out our Knowledge Base.

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