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Hillary Rodham Clinton

July 1, 2015 Legal Sports Report Op-Ed: Innovation and Clarity Article

October 15, 2014 Benzinga "about Tradesports" (radio) Interview

August 29, 2014 Fox Business Countdown to the Cosing Bell (video) Make real $$ on fantasy sports

July 14, 2014 Wall Street Journal (full article) Fantasy Sports Meets Wall Street opens long-term predictions to the public. Based on the popular Intrade model, Long-Term prediction contests to highlight "wisdom of the corwd" for deep predictive data and insights around sports' most watched events.
press release here....

May 8, 2014 Fox TV Interview (Trading the NFL Draft)

May 5, 2014 Forbes Magazine

April 30, 2014 Business

April 30, 2014 Market Wired (Press Release) Launches, Providing the First Fantasy Sports Experience Where Users Play in Real-Time With Real Money