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Our Story


Tradesports was founded by Ron Bernstein, a professional options trader and serial entrepreneur. For thirty years, Ron traded options and commodity futures from the floors of exchanges in New York and London. His vision for prediction markets where users could buy and sell real-world outcomes came to life in 2000, when he founded Intrade. The site pioneered the concept of “the wisdom of the crowd,” ultimately becoming world’s leading prediction marketplace with millions of individual prediction markets and hundreds of thousands of participants.


In 2003, Ron launched Tradesports. Fueled by his desire to create an open marketplace where fans could trade sports outcomes in real time, Ron saw Tradesports through two different iterations. He then transitioned to cryptocurrency and blockchain, where he applied his knowledge of decentralized systems as an advisor to Augur. He founded Paradex, a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrency tokens directly from their own wallets, and sold the company to Coinbase in 2018. 


While much has changed over the past twenty years, much has stayed the same. There is still a need for a dynamic sports market that operates in real time, engaging fans throughout the entire game. The Tradesports team aims to fill that void with the first interactive peer-to-peer sports trading exchange in the U.S., where participants trade shares on real-world sporting events, in real time, to win real money. 


The Tradesports beta tournament will go live in December 2019.